Chimneys are more exposed to the elements and weather than many other aspects of your building. As a result, years of enduring high winds, heavy rains and snowfalls, and dealing with changes of temperature throughout the seasons can degrade the structural components of your chimney. If your chimney is in need of rebuilding, give the team at Heritage Chimney Service at call.

We’ve worked on chimneys in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as the surrounding metropolitan area, and can handle your chimney rebuild from start to finish. We can inspect, replace and repair every part of your chimney from top to bottom, including chimney caps and chases, damaged or worn masonry, defective or degraded liners and much more.

Our entire team has years of experience with chimney rebuilding, construction and masonry work, and all employees are certified AWS welders and masonry experts. We also have NYFD F60/G60 certification – not to mention our decades of experience – which means you can trust our knowledge and expertise when you’re in need of repairs, maintenance or rebuilding of your chimney.

At the first sign of problems with your chimney, give the Heritage Chimney Service team a call and get your chimney repaired before issues can get any worse. Contact us today by calling 631-265-2780 or 917-748-8569.